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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born November 11, 1974. His mother, Irmelin, christened him Leonardo while pregnant in a museum. She was looking at a Leonardo DaVinci painting when Leo kicked Irmelin very hard and strong from the womb. Within 1 year, Irmelin and George DiCaprio had split up, leaving Leo in custody of Irmelin. At age 5, Leo decided to act and got a job on 'Romper Room' but was kicked off because he was kidding around. Can you believe it? I mean, he was only 5. But by 10 years old, Leonardo had almost given up. One agent even rejected him for having the wrong haircut and even wanted him to change his name to Lenny Williams! At 14, Leo found a much better agent. He started with commercials & guest spots on TV when he finally got a role on 'Critters 3.' Don't blink though; you'll miss him! Afterwards, Leo got a semi-regular place on 'Growing Pains' but in 1992 he quit to be in 'This Boy's Life.' His next role, in 'What's eating Gilbert Grape?', won him an Oscar nomination. He got a role next in 'The Basketball Diaries' then 'Total Eclipse.' This sure was an interesting role; it showed him nude and he played a homosexual. He finished filming 'Titanic'; 'Don's Plum' and 'The Man in the Iron Mask.' He's now involved in several projects.