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Leonardo DiCaprio: King Louis XIV and his twin, Phillipe
Jeremy Irons: Aramis
John Malkovich: Athos
Gerard Depardieu: Porthos
Gabriel Byrne: D'Artagnen
Anne Parillaud: Queen Ann
Judith Goodreche: Christine
Peter Sarsgoard: Raoul
Edward Atterton: Lieutenant Andre


Leo plays 2 people, an evil, cruel king and his twin, Phillipe, who was imprisoned inside an iron mask for 6 years without knowing why. The musketeers make a plan to replace the king with Phillipe, but their plan backfires a bit... I can't tell any more without giving way the story, but trust me, it's really good! I don't usually like sword-fighting, swash-buckling type of movies, but this one was so awesome! Go see it!!!!