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Feb 23-The latest girl on the arm of Leo is lucky supermodel Amber Valletta, a New York based fashion model and former co-host of MTV's House of Style. Amber, 24, is one of the hottest models in the business these days.

March 13- Leo was sporting a black eye a few weeks ago. Some explanations heard are:
- Elizabeth Berkley popped him
- He hit it on a door

march 14-A few weeks ago, Leo and his friends climbed to the top of his hotel building and dropped grapes on waiting paparazzi.

March 25- Leo is sueing- or trying to, at least. He's trying to sue none other than world-famous Playgirl Magazine.They are trying to put in nude pix of Leo. He says that the photos being made availible to the world would cause him "shame, mortification, hurt feelings, emotional distress, embarrassment, humiliation and injury to his privacy and peace of maind." There's just one thing I don't get about this- Leo nude is already availible to the world, in Total Eclipse. That's where Playgirl is getting the pix.

April 24- Leo is now being sued along with buddy Toby Maguire. They don't want Don's Plum, the movie, to be put in theatres, but they can't do much about it.

There's a rumour that Leo is dating Emma Bunton AKA Baby Spice, from the pop group the Spice Girls. It's said he wrote her a letter telling her how beautiful she is.

April 30- Leo was on the top of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people- but someone wrote on their message board by the name of Hank The Drunken Pig. He was posting messages like, 'Okay! We know we can do it! Let's knock DiCaprio off the list!' He was against making their magazine completely on celebrities and is now trying to get on himself!

May 25- Leo has decided to take a break from acting. *gasp* The horror! *g* He says, "I am going to take a year off, because I want to slow down career-wise. Don't think I am complaining. I just feel there are other things I need to do."

In Leicester Square in London, a riot over Leo broke out. There was a screaming crowd of over 20 000 people. 22 people were hurt and had to be oulled out of the crowd to safety.

Leo & Amber Valetta aren't going together any more. He's now with Kate Moss!

At Gwyneth Paltrow's birthday party, Gwyn had a bit too much to drink and whaddaya know-- she and Leo ended up kissing! Gwyneth's brother saw this, took her by the arm and said, "Time to go home, Gwyn!"

May 29- Leo is to star in 2 new movies. One is called Slay The Dreamer, which is his main focus. The other is American Psycho, in which he plays the psychotic killer. Freaky, huh?