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Leo Quiz

Think you've got what it takes to pass the quiz? Send me the answers...Hint: Most of the answers can be found on this page

1. What is Leo's middle name?
2. T/F: Leo and his friends breakdanced in the school cafeteria.
3. How old is he?
4. T/F: Leo played a gay guy in Total Eclipse.
5. What movie did Leo get an Academy Award nomination for?
6. What are his parents' names?
7. What did one agent want Leonardo to change his name to?
8. T/F: Leo's fave school subject was math.
9. Does Leo plan to go to college?
10. T/F: Leo & Kate Winslet didn't get along at all on the set of Titanic.
11. What is his fave food?
12. What is his fave sport?
13. What is his fave book?
14. T/F: Leo's dad is an engineer.
15. T/F: One of Leo's fave colours is green.

Send your answers here.