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Leonardo DiCaprio: Romeo Montague
Claire Danes: Juliet Capulet
Jesse Bradford: Balthasar
Vondie Curtis-Hall: Captain Prince
Brian Dennehy: Ted Montague
John Leguizamo: Tybalt
Miriam Margoyles: The Nurse
Dash Mihok: Benvolio
Harold Perrineau: Mercutio
Pete Pastlethwaite: Friar Lawrence
Paul Rudd: Dave Paris
Paul Sorvino: Fulgencio Capulet
Diane Venora: Gloria Capulet

You know the story, right? Forbidden love between the 2,lots of death, unhappy ending. In case you don't here's how it is... the Capulets & Montagues are 2 families that hate each other. They always disrupt the town's peace. Then, one day, the Capulets hold a party. Romeo manages to get an invitation thanks to his friend Mercutio- and that's where he meets the fair Juliet. They immediately fall in love. One problem with that-- their families have forbidden it. I urge you to go rent it and see what Leo looks really, really HOT!!!

When trying out for the part, alot of girls- well, they sucked. None of them was good enough to be Juliet. But then Claire came up. Leo couldn't believe how well she was acting. Neither could the casting group, and that's how Claire got her part.